What is the power consumption per day of the LED signboard?


     Advertising light-emitting words have already entered the era of LED light-emitting words. The energy-saving effect of LED light-emitting words is more energy-saving than neon lights. When making light-emitting words, people will ask, how much electricity is needed for sign light-emitting words in a day? Led lamp is a kind of energy-saving and efficient lamp source. Many friends often think that a large luminous signboard consumes a lot of power, but the result is often unexpected. Here, the advertisement of Boyi is calculated for you.

     The power consumption of Led light-emitting signs depends on the size of the signs, the types of light sources, the density of light sources and the time of lighting.


Perforated exposure word

     For example, a square meter of exposed luminous characters requires about 350 beads (depending on the complexity of the strokes), and a 9nn monochrome light is 0.1W. The power consumption of a square exposed luminous character is 35W, and the area of a conventional sign is 3-5 square meters. By analogy, the power consumption of a sign is 3-5 square meters. Between 105W and 185w, the sign consumes about 1050W and 1850w of electricity per day, calculated by turning on the light for 10 hours per day.

     At present, the price of electricity is more than one yuan, and only a few dozen pieces of electricity are needed for the Luminous Signboard in a month. It can be seen that its energy-saving degree is very high. The electricity cost of each type of LED sign should be calculated according to the amount of light installed. If you want to understand more information about the power consumption of LED sign, you are welcome to consult our Boyi advertisement.

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