Technological advantages of resin resin manufacturers


     Resin light-emitting words are the best choice to enhance advertising and promote high-end brand forms. It is based on luminescence, which can be seen everywhere in the shopping mall during the day. In the evening, resin characters will emit colorful light under the condition of AC power supply. Its brightness gives people a magic to attract eyes. These colorful light gives people different moods and emotions, greatly improves the brand's own value, thus promoting people's life. The consumption benefits brought about by activities. With our needs, resin luminescent words will be more widely used in public places, transportation, civil aviation, transportation and other industries. The excellent qualities of energy saving and environmental protection of resin luminous words will also lead to a significant change in the lighting decoration industry.


Resin luminous word quality program, such as;

    1. The resin selected is the best "epoxy resin" resin with stable physical properties and more acid and alkali resistance, without any chemical reaction with the surrounding objects, and its life span is 3-5 years.

    2. The exquisite word-shell technology, word-shell is a body of packaging LED lamp and resin, all the weight depends on the word-shell control, word-shell in addition to bearing all the weight of its accessories to play a protective role, so that it is not affected by the outside wind and rain and external forces.

    3. High-quality LED lamp, LED light-emitting technology has developed to a very mature stage in modern times. Not only has the service life of the lamp increased, but also the height of the lamp has been greatly improved. This ensures the high luminescence of LED and ensures the lamp's working life.

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