Aluminum edge glowing word: a low-key high quality luminous logo


     Speaking of high-grade acrylic edge-glowing characters, you may think of titanium-gold edge-glowing words, stainless steel edge-glowing words, electroplated metal edge-glowing words, a high-quality acrylic aluminum edge-glowing words have been ignored by everyone. It is estimated that friends do not know much about this aluminium edge-glowing words. Today, Boyi advertisement will give you an analysis. Next.

     The aluminum edge glowing character 1mm super narrow edge edge almost achieves the boundless effect, this needs the special aluminum side belt material. The button edges of other metal-clad words are mostly between 6 and 8 mm, and some are even larger. From the design of the button edge, the aluminium-edged light-emitting words appear more concise and neat, which makes more light-emitting area for acrylic light-emitting panel.


     Ultra-narrow button edge can not only strengthen the stability of the installation of the panel, the panel luminous area is the largest of all acrylic edge-wrapped words, the font luminous effect is much stronger than other metal plane luminous words.

     Specially made aluminium edge materials are lightweight in texture and can be directly fixed with glass glue when the span reaches 60 cm. The heat dissipation effect of aluminium edge is more than three times that of iron. It can timely distribute heat inside the font, appropriate working temperature and prolong the service life of luminous words.

     Aluminum-edged luminous characters have good weather resistance, suitable indoor and outdoor environment, moderate cost, the most important thing is the effect there. If you need to know more about this low-key luxury high-grade Aluminum-edged words, welcome to consult us.

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