The wide application of luminous characters


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      Why do we talk about this problem today when we use the later maintenance and maintenance, because this problem is particularly important in the later use process, such as these similar luminous words are installed outdoors, so they face the wind and rain all the year round. It is very easy to dirty, then this dirty is not good-looking, at this time we need later maintenance and maintenance work, so for some non-professional people, do not understand the later maintenance and maintenance work, it is easy to cause the damage of luminous words and the occurrence of non-luminous phenomenon, then we should maintain in the later period. We should pay attention to these aspects.

      1.use dry things to clear up the above debris, do not use water with something to try.

      2.Don't attempt to move and install properly during maintenance. Responsibility can easily lead to power line break or fixed text offset.

The above aspects must be noticed in the later maintenance process.

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