The application scope of stainless steel back light



     Stainless steel backlit lights are the words on the back of stainless steel.

     Stainless steel typeface generally uses 304 stainless steel materials, with mirror and wire drawing, the thickness is generally around 5CM, built-in high-quality waterproof LED lamp (outdoor), indoor is generally not waterproof, uniform and bright lights. Generally used for LOGO walls, logo.

     Words are small, mostly indoors, generally large-scale do not use this approach, mainly because the lights are placed behind, not closed. 12V transformer, back about 2cm from the wall.

Installation: leave the wall to install.

     Scope of application: Shop recruitment, the background walls of enterprises and institutions and the luminous words on the roofs.

     Classification of stainless steel words: according to different classification methods, stainless steel characters can be classified in different ways. Different appearance can be divided into: stainless steel and stainless steel.

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