What are the advantages and characteristics of stainless steel luminous characters?



What are the advantages and characteristics of stainless steel luminous characters? At present, stainless steel luminescent words have become the mainstream products of metal luminescent words. Why do more people choose it? Here are the advantages and characteristics of stainless steel luminescent words.

1. Strong adaptability, they are installed outdoors, high strength, impact resistance, waterproof, acid, alkali, explosion-proof, not afraid of storms and even hail attacks, can play a normal role in the rain and sunshine;

2. Businessmen not only seize the opportunity during the day, but also at night. The stainless steel characters glow evenly at night and can distinguish the distance of sight, which can reach more than two kilometers.

3. The greatest feature is high efficiency and energy saving. Reasonable lamp arrangement and effective reflection of light inside font can achieve maximum light efficiency utilization.

4. environmental sanitation: stainless steel has anti-corrosion characteristics and no harmful gases volatilization.

5. The luminescence is very uniform. The special transparent uniform layer of stainless steel luminescent character material refracts, transmits and reflects light, and the surface luminescence is relatively uniform.


6. Small and delicate: according to the needs of enterprises and businesses, we can make stainless steel characters of different sizes. The thickness is small, the size of the font is small, and the appearance of the font can be more coordinated.

7. The surface of stainless steel luminescent words is round drum, strong arc, strong stereo sense, which can better show the grade of making logo, and the surface is very bright.

We are not only efficient, but also know how to save costs for our customers.

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