Causes and inspection methods of light signs of outdoor advertisement signboards


1. Causes of the lack of luminous words in outdoor advertisement signboards

1. All the lights in the light-emitting words of outdoor advertisement signs are not on: because the line of the LED light source is not connected, the transformer is burnt out. At this time, we should first check whether the connection between the line of the LED light source and the transformer is correct, or whether there is virtual welding at some line opening.


2. The light-emitting words of the outdoor advertisement sign will be completely extinguished when they are lit up: this must be a transformer fault, and the wrong line connection burns out the LED lamp.

3, the lights of the outdoor advertisement signboards are bright and some are not bright: This is the reason for the LED lights. Because LED module is string, but the reason is parallel. This prevents a lamp from damaging and affects the brightness of all lights. If the lamp is broken, it will be solved. If it is outdoor, not only use waterproof LED lights, but also pay attention to the seal of the font.

Two. Check the steps of the outdoor advertisement signs.

1. When inspecting the luminous words of outdoor advertisement signs, professional personnel are required to disassemble and assemble them. Workers are required to wear gloves. When disassembling and assembling plastic luminous words, operators must wear pure cotton white gloves. Because hand sweat contains oil, salt, acid, alkali and other ingredients, all of them are corrosive, sticking to stainless steel will slowly corrode the stainless steel surface, making the stainless steel surface slowly fade and discolor, losing its original beauty.


2. Light handle and light handle, light words are generally more, we need to pay attention to the angle of holding, and pay attention to light men. When disassembling and assembling plastic light word frame, we must hold it flat and light, prohibit collision and distortion, and put the outside frame flat on the ground. Take lightly, flat up and flat hang, then close the lower part of the glowing word and fix it with six screws inside.

3. Pay attention to safety, the safety of the line, when inspecting, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, unplug the plug, disconnect the power supply (no leakage protector is used as a power switch), and then check the original electrical appliances (no live operation); when inspecting, it is required to be meticulous, such as power line entering hole, ballast input, output terminal, lamp holder. The wires and so on.

4. Check whether the upper power cord of the luminous word is in the power supply slot. If there is no need to make corrections, plug in the power plug and close the main power switch to see whether the light is normal. If there is a phenomenon of one side being on and the other side not on, please disconnect the power supply and unplug the plug first, and check the lamp holder wire, whether the lamp tube is loosened or not; Ballast input, ballast input, and lamp holder output are not in place. Whether the output wire is loose or not.

5. The whole luminous word is not bright. Please check whether the leakage protector is closed, whether the wire connector in the plug is loose, whether the input and output connectors of the ballast are loose, etc.


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